Phoenix Affordable Solar Power Panel Installation FAQ

Q: Can a Company Install a Small System and Expect Big Power?

If you install a small system and expect it to run your refrigerator and air conditioner, you're bound to be disappointed. You will find you're spending more on electricity from the grid than you imagined.

Q: Why Should I Research Financial Options?

There are financing options for solar energy systems out there as well as different loans you can access to go solar without needing a large sum of cash up front

Q: What Happens if I don't Check the Competition?

Chances are, there are enough solar companies who sell, lease and install solar panels for you to get at least two quotes before making a decision.

Q: What if I Don't Want to Take Advantage of Financial Incentives?

If you're going to install a solar power system on your property, you should know about the financial benefits and incentives that the government offers. These rebates vary from state to state and are influenced by other factors such as electricity costs.

Q: Why Not Try to Install Solar Panels by Myself  (DIY)?

Unless you're a trained solar power technician, we do not recommend you try this on your own. You'll need to contract with a good builder, electrician and permitting company as well.

Q: What's the Difference Between Buying vs Leasing Systems?

When you buy a a solar power system, the cost is more and requires, in most cases, a down payment. Leasing, on the other hand, costs you nothing to install but typically comes with a twenty year lease. That means if you want to sell your home, the buyer will need to take over the solar lease.

Q: Is it Possible to Wait Too Long?

YES. If you keep putting off converting to solar power, you will miss out on government incentives and rebates. Also as the cost of electricity rises, you are losing money by not going solar.

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Solar energy is an inexpensive and clean way to power residential homes.

 Going green, living off the grid, and homesteading are popular today but not exactly realistic for most of us. However, by installing a solar power system in your home, you are going green and saving money, as long as you avoid the most common pitfalls homeowners make when looking to install a solar power system in their home. Read on to learn about the top ten most expensive mistakes to avoid.

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